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  • Why You Will Buy An Apple Watch

    Source: I do not like the Apple integration as I know I am held hostage, but I do love the easiness of it all, it is so simple, everything works, iphone, ipad, mac pro…! See on – Performance On Boards

  • Companies Can’t Afford Not to Have Women on Boards

    Women have made great strides in higher education, the labor force and income scales, but not in corporate boardrooms. Companies hurt their own bottom lines by not having more female directors. Source: See on – Performance On Boards

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  • In a recent survey of global executives, the board of directors and the CEO were seen as key drivers of Big Data analytics. “To get the big outcomes, the CIO now has to be part of the business leadership team,” said Matt Reilly, senior managing director at Accenture Strategy. Source: See on – [...]

  • Source: See on – Finding Oneself